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Saw 2 Flesh and Blood

Saw 2 Flesh and Blood review

I’ve always enjoyed the Saw movies – okay they’ve had their ups and downs but the traps have always been gruesomely clever and so absurd they become funny. However, there wasn’t anything too funny if you bought the Saw videogame last year because it wasn’t very good. Saw II: Flesh and Blood is already out a year on and is trying to take some money from gamers around Halloween. After playing through a prologue where you play as some other poor dude cutting a key from behind his eye, you play as Michael Tapp, a reporter who happens to be...


Saw review

Despite them getting more and more silly, I like the Saw movies. For me they provide some truly gruesome contraptions mixed with some clever twists. We all know that movie licenses are rarely much fun but does Saw tip the balance? You play as an unlucky character called Detective Tapp. You wake up in a mental asylum and unfortunately nice Mr Jigsaw has sewn a key inside you which all the inmates need in order to leave his little house of horror. Also, six of your associates have also been captured and each one faces a truly horrible death if...