About Gamesweasel

Focusing on the world of video games, gaming expert Matt Cuttle brings you news and reviews about the latest console and handheld games on show Gamesweasel TV. Each review is accompanied with hands-on gameplay footage, screenshots, recommendations and ratings. Now entering its eighth year Gamesweasel TV has reviewed hundreds of games covering a wide variety of platforms and genres.

Gamesweasel TV provides impartial opinions on the games we test to ensure you don’t waste hard earned cash on hype. For non-gamers buying their first console, birthday or festive gaming gift, we’ve also put together some helpful videogames buyers guides full of useful suggestions. Each Gamesweasel review is short and concise so you can quickly get a good impression of each game without watching lengthy videos, ideal for those with short attention spans or out shopping using mobile devices.

With a distributed YouTube viewership in excess of 38 million views and over 48 thousand subscribers Gamesweasel TV continues to help gamers young and old discover new video games. Matt and his team regularly review Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, PC, DS, Vita, PSP and iOS games from different gaming genres in a family-friendly safe for work format.

Originally distributed as a weekly podcast it accumulated over 40 million audience downloads and an average 1.6 million online viewers per episode in 2010 maintaining a top position in the iTunes top 50 gaming charts. In 2007 Gamesweasel was nominated for Best Games Podcast in the prestigious Games Media Awards, then reaching finalist status for Best Games Broadcast in 2009 and 2011.

After moving away from its podcasting roots on the Mevio network this is now a show reel site providing an archive of videogames reviews and showcasing the abilities of the team behind Gamesweasel TV. It still continues to grow, bringing gaming news, reviews and release dates to gaming enthusiasts of all skills.