Wembley Stadium Live Event

Last month my girlfriend and I attended the live event where thousands of punters came to Wembley Stadium to play the latest videogames. On show were a variety of games for all ages as well as other things happening on stage compared by Iain Lee and the bewildered-looking Gemma Atkinson.

Because I was walking round the event with a camera I didn’t actually get to go on any of the games but I did get to see what was on show and what was playable. The new Soul Calibur was there in force with lots of screens for people kick each other in the face in front of – and people got to gamble themselves silly in aid of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – win the most chips and you win a holiday to Sin City.

Also available to play was Rock Band. If you can afford it and you have the space you and your mates can play guitar, drums and bass and warble over the top of your favourite tunes.

Not-playable was Ghostbusters which looked cool thanks to the Ray-Parker Junior soundtrack and being able to fight the green blob in the ballroom – nice! Also, what I could see of the Bourne Conspiracy looked pretty cool too.

Upstairs Sony were showing off GT5 prologue with some racing pods. Pity you’ll be playing at home with a non-rumbling Sixaxis pad.

And there was some entertainment. Young girls waited for ages to see a band I never heard of called Saving Aimee, some Vegas showgirls danced and didn’t even get a clap for their troubles, a young lady dressed as a Soul Calibur character didn’t quite know what to do with her sword and Darth Vader looked – shorter than in the films.

It may have been a wet weekend but everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves – if not for the games, then just to be in the warm out of the rain.

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny