Christmas 2011 Playstation 3 Buying Guide

It was only a few years ago that the Sony PlayStation 3 launched with a price tag of up to $600. Nowadays you can grab the console for just around $250 and we are going to tell you why it should be a consideration for you this holiday season.

The introduction of the new slimline PS3 which is smaller, quieter and more power efficient has really turned heads in the last year or so. Don’t forget that the system isn’t just a top notch gaming console, it’s also able to play high definition Blu-Ray discs. That’s right – the best way to watch movies in HD right out of the box. For those that already have a 3D enabled TV and glasses, guess what? The PS3 is ready to play 3D games and movies right away, awesome!

In addition to that, the PlayStation 3 is also a great way to get media over the internet. Not only can you use it to stream movies and tv shows from Netflix, but the built in access to PlayStation Network (PSN) gives you access to a huge wealth of movies to buy or rent at the push of a button. PSN also is great for gamers too, with free demos of all the latest hits as well as the option to purchase games and save them directly to the spacious hard drive.

If thought though the PS3 was outdone by the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect, think again. Motion Control is available on the system and many thing it’s actually the best because it’s a hyrbid of the systems used by Nintendo and Microsoft. Just like the Wii, PlayStation Move is a hand based motion controller that turns your movements into onscreen controls. Unlike Wii, a camera tracks your movements and allows for better tracking as well as a chance to get your own ugly/pretty face into the game.

Why buy a separate BluRay player and games console when you can have both in the same sleek unit? There’s just not good reason why you haven’t got a PlayStation 3 already so just take a look at these deals from Amazon and rectify the situation right away; otherwise you’ll be watching re-runs on PBS again this Christmas.

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If you’d like a few more games to go with your new console, here are a few of Gamesweasel’s favorite titles from the last year:

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