Batman Voice Talent Update

Warner Bros. Entertainment has confirmed the voice talent involvedĀ  in the latest Batman game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Developed by Rocksteady studios, the game is already looking fantastic with the added benefit of being able to drive about in the Batmobile and use it like a tank.

Providing their vocal talents to the roster will be Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (playing James Gordon), Ashley Greene from The Twilight Saga (playing Barbara Gordon), John Noble from Sleepy Hollow and Fringe (playing Scarecrow) and Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights and Hart of Dixie (playing Nightwing). Of course Kevin Conroy is returning as Batman, Tara Strong is Harley Quinn, Troy Baker is Two-Face and Nolan North is voicing Penguin. You can play the game and hear all the action based on the DC Comics character from June 23rd.

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Batman Arkham Knight Batman Arkham Knight screenshot

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