EA Sports Fight Night Round 4 starring Mike Tyson

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is set to appear in EA’s latest boxing game for the PS3 and X360; Sports Fight Night Round 4. Featuring a totally re-written game engine and an all new physics based animation system that promises to be the most realistic ever we can’t help but think this will be the ultimate boxing sim available. Well, until EA Sports Fight Night Round 5 that is. The only thing missing from this hit (get it?) sounding game is motion controls, will console boxing on the PS3 and 360 ever be as good as Wii Sports boxing on the Wii?

Speaking of Wii, strange as it may seem no Nintendo Wii version of the game with motion controls, exclusive wife beating and ear chewing mini games has been announced yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

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