Halo Reach disc read error

It seems that the latest Halo game isn’t having quite the ‘reach’ that Microsoft expected. Some Xbox 360 owners can’t play the game due to their machines refusing to read the DVD. It doesn’t seem to be a disc read issue, rather an incompatibility problem with some specific models of Xbox 360 and batches of the DVD. Microsoft are aware of the problem and if you find you’re one of the unfortunate ones you’re advised to contact Microsoft Customer Support.

In the meantime you could try wiping the disc with a soft clean cloth from the inside out or possibly opening the disc tray and blowing into the Xbox 360 with your mouth to dislodge any dust which may be effecting the way the laser reads the disc. Who’d have thought that for some the first mission in the game would be to actually get the game working in the first place?

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