Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS trailer

We’ve just got hold of a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 3DS from Konami and it’s got us very excited. The game is a remake of the PS2’s fantastic Snake Eater and really shows off what the 3DS is capable of when it comes to eye-popping 3D visuals.

Although you can’t see it in full 3D here it stills seems a bit 3D in a strange way. The trailer begins with Snake crawling through the jungle and encountering a snake and an alligator. He then gets chased by a swarm of 3D bees and jumps off a bridge only to hang from it above the rotating blades of a helicopter. He then hides from the outreached arms of a soldier looking for his cigarettes and finally encounters The Boss in a nod to the finalĂ© of the game. This game alone is probably worth getting a 3DS for!

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