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The Nintendo 3DS is just around two months away for those of us in the US and Europe. You may have heard that the 3DS comes bundles with some built in augmented reality games, whilst these will be fun and a great way to show the 3DS to your friends, they probably will not keep you occupied for too long.

Luckily from release day until the end of June Nintendo have promised a wealth of games you can look forward to. Here are the ones we’re most looking forward to playing in the first half of 2010 on Nintendo 3DS:

Metal Gear Snake Eater 3DS

Supposedly Hideo Kokima’s favourite game in the Metal Gear franchise, Snake Eater will be your first chance to take Solid Snake through the jungles of the Soviet Union in super sharp eye popping 3D. This game is well known for pushing the PlayStation 2’s graphic chip very hard and it’ll be really cool to see how well the Nintendo 3DS can handle games originally designed for Sony hardware.

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Super Street Fighter IV 3DS

We all know about Street Fighter, the world’s favourite beat em up featuring the seminal characters; Ryu, Ken and Chun Li is finally hitting a Nintendo portable. Street Fighter IV has been a smash hit on the big consoles because of it’s return to the roots of Street Fighter II. We know this is going to a big hit with its brand new unique touch screen controls, online play and of course, 3D graphics.

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Mario Kart 3DS

Is it really worth explaining this one? Who on this planet doesn’t enjoy a session of Mario Kart? Just imagine blasting around the Mushroom Kindgom firing Red Shells towards your opponents in full 3D, if you can think of anything more fun we’d like to hear about it.

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Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS

Okay so this isn’t a new game. The original Nintendo 64 hit with sales of 7.5million worldwide finally returns but with brand new graphics, a full touch screen menu system and a totally new gyroscopic camera. Ocarina of Time is still rated as one of the best games of all time so if you want a serious 35 hour adventure on your 3DS this is got to be your best bet.

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Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

We’ve been crazy for Professor Layton ever since the original arrived just a few short years ago. The Mask of Miracle is the first game in the series not to be published by Nintendo and it also drops the trademark hand drawn art for full 3D Polygon models. We’re very interested to see how these two factors as well as the new 3D display will affect the Layton series.

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Nintendogs plus Cats 3D

I wasn’t amazed by the original Nintendogs for DS but did appreciate its charm, of course I loved the gorgeously animated dogs that run around and lick the screen. But I already have more than my fair share of real animals living with me, I don’t need the pressure of looking after virtual ones too. Nintendogs + Cats promises even more realistic looking critters and even facial recognition, if you loved the original then you’ll love this one more.

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At this year’s E3 we finally caught our first glimpse of the new Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is a brand new edition to the widely successful DS family that has sold over 130 million units and this time it’s no small upgrade. As the name suggests; the Nintendo 3DS features true 3D gaming on the go that doesn’t require to you wear uncomfortable and geeky glasses. Now 3D gaming is a confusing phrase, we’ve had 3D games for years but 3D displays are a different thing altogether.

When we first saw the Nintendo 3DS we were quite surprised that how similar it looked to the current line of Nintendo DS. Nintendo have stuck firmly with the clamshell model that has proven so popular, it saves space and protects the two screens whilst not in use. Previously the DS’s had two visually identical screens with the bottom of the two being touch sensitive. The 3DS still features two screens with the bottom being touch enabled but the top screen is now bigger, has a higher resolution and of course can display a stereoscopic 3D image.

Now the 3D technology on its own would hardly be enough to warrant an expensive new purchase without some great games. Thankfully Nintendo and third party developers have already shown off some impressive games, some of the other highlights that we’re already looking forward to are:

  • Animal Crossing
  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Starfox 64 3D
  • Pilotwings
  • Resident Evil Mercenaries
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Super Monkey Ball 3D
  • Ninja Gaiden

Nintendo 3DS pics Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS pics

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