No Disaster Day of Crisis for Wii in the US

Before the Wii launched Nintendo’s preview of Disaster Day of Crisis got folks rather excited. Developed by Monolith Software (who previously worked on Baten Kaitos) on behalf of Nintendo, much was expected from this core title which promised nonstop action, great graphics and interactive controls. After a long quit spell in development rumour spread that the game was cancelled due to development problems as well as real life world disasters which could deem the game socially insensitive. Then after Nintendo’s dismal E3 showing we heard that the game was back and due for release in Europe in October with no word of a US release, it seemed that Nintendo wanted to get a core game into the shops before Christmas to appease the fans.

Shockingly Nintendo of America President Reggie said the game wasn’t very good and speculation soon grew that we would not see a stateside release of this interesting low key title unless sales in Europe were high, we’ve since found out that it bombed at European retail and so sadly we don’t expect to see it anytime soon if ever in the US. Stick around for an import review of Disaster Day of Crisis for Wii soon.

No Disaster Day of Crisis for Wii in the US pics

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