Sonic Unleashed

I’m going to be a bit controversial and state my opinion that there hasn’t really been a decent Sonic game since the 1990’s. Could Sega’s latest outing finally bring us back the classic game play we all crave?

Sonic Unleashed is a brand new title from the Sonic Team at Sega. It’s coming out for all the main consoles (360, PS3, Wii and PS2) but not the handhelds. Sega tell us that this has been a secret project in the works for three years, with a brand new “hedgehog engine” which can move from 3D to 2D camera action seamlessly. With huge expansive worlds and multiple paths, this is going to be the most immersive 3D Sonic experience ever.

Once again Dr Eggman is causing trouble in Sonic land, with the world having been broken apart into seven big chunks. Only Sonic the Hedgehog can fuse everything together again, of course he’ll need your help as well as the power of the Chaos emeralds; then maybe, just maybe he’ll be able to fuse the planet back together again.

Spread over seven continents, there are a huge number of action-packed stages to play through and for the first time ever; prepare to experience Sonic at night. That’s right, dark stages that will put your combat fighting and high speed reactions to the ultimate test.

The Sonic Unleashed trailer doesn’t give too much away at present but we can safely say the game looks gorgeous and does somewhat seem to be going back to its 2D roots whilst sticking with some of the more recent 3D elements from more recent 3D titles such as Sonic and the Secret rings. Whether this is good thing or not, we will have to wait and see in our Sonic Unleashed review later on in the year.

Currently the Sonic Unleashed release date is a vague “Late 2008“. That all but sounds like Christmas to me, what do you think?

Sonic Unleashed

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