Warhawk – Operation Broken Mirror

You certainly will not get seven years bad luck for downloading the latest expansion pack for one of the PS3’s best games to date. Warhawk Broken Mirror is the second huge update to be released on the Playstation Store for Warhawk.

Featuring a brand new air vehicle – the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) that carries up to seven people, you’ll be able to infiltrate areas quickly and even fire at enemies whilst in transit using the window hatches. A captured APC also becomes a spawn point complete with a random weapon, meaning you can drive your APC into enemy hotspots and have instant team support – another tactic is simply to land your Warhawk into an enemy base and capture their APC instead adding a whole new level to zone and capture the flag play.

Combine this with Warhawk’s biggest map to date; Vaporfield Glacier, this brand new arctic battlefield promises tough and uncompromising battles in which the environment plays a big role in whether your Warhawk Clan succeeds or fails. You’ll be spending many more days getting your team strategy just right so that you can break those enemy lines down and enter the war-torn Radial Village. If that isn’t enough to get you breaking out in a cold sweat, let it be known that you can also take the APC back into existing Warhawk battlefields for massive added replay value, it’s time to re-experience your favourite moment with a whole new twist to your battles.

If you were starting to tire with Warhawk Omega Dawn then this £3.99 expansion pack is well worth the investment, not only does it bring you new vehicles and maps but also new gameplay elements. If you haven’t played Warhawk for the PS3 and love pick-up-and-go multiplayer games then this £19.99 Playstation Store gem is for you – fingers crossed Sony will continue to add more expansion packs in the future.