Wii Music

The much delayed Wii Music is finally near completion, featuring around 60 instruments that you play by moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuck around in the air and hitting the buttons, watch your Mii’s copy out your movements on screen with their big smiley faces. Not really designed to be a challenger to the big music games of the moment, instead you and up to three friends have fun playing as a group messing around all sorts of wacky instruments just mashing around trying to get everything to sound right.

It does look fun and graphically pretty good however it seems to be lacking the challenge factor of other music games and downloadable content but perhaps this could be just the ticket for those of you overdosed on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We must mention graphically this game is superb, a big step up from the other Mii orientated games and its well worth checking out the Wii Music trailer on the official WiiMusic page.

Wii Music

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