Deus Ex 3 trailer

I’ve just seen the teaser trailer for and that’s it – just the teaser trailer. The game is Deus Ex 3 and all I know is they are going to try to recapture the essence of the first game and not the sequel. Good thing I say. When I played the start of the first game on the PC I didn’t like it much and then had to interview Warren Specter, the guy who made it. I told him my thoughts and he replied with ‘hey, a lot of people say that. Get past the first mission and you’ll love it.” I went back, persevered and now it sticks in my memory of one of the best PC games ever made. Luckily I also got to tell him that when I got to chat to him again a year later.

So, in this modern day we can be sure it’ll probably come out on consoles too, and maybe launch on the 360 first, it won’t be as long as the first one, and hopefully you’ll again get to play the game the way you want to play it, affecting how the story plays as you go. I’m very, VERY excited about this one and hope to be playing it by Christmas 2008 or at the latest Easter 2009.

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