Devil May Cry 4 preview

It’s preview time and I’ve got new details on Devil May Cry 4 which have emerged since E3. This time it’s been announced it’s from the producer of the original Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4 and it’s bound to be good as 7 million people who bought the game series so far around the world can’t be wrong.

Once again, you don’t only get to play as Dante but as a new leading man with a few new moves up his devilish sleeves. This time you can also play as a character called Nero. No, he’s not a fluffy white caterpillar as owned by Baron Greenback from Dangermouse, he’s one powerful mutha who can use non-stop combos and a new gameplay mechanic called the Devil Bringer arm. Not sure what that is but is sounds big and like I wouldn’t want to be grabbed by it.

Having seen the trailers and gameplay from this new Devil May Cry game, I’m very excited as it looks fantastic on the next gen systems. It’s still all very gothic as you fight through castles and underground lairs, but you also visit new exotic locations too as you hack and slash through all the bad guys. When fighting it’s still possible to launch your enemies into the air and either hack them with your sword or get out your dual pistols and blaze away ‘til all the enemies are gone and you’ve absorbed all their energy. Nero also has a thing called the Exceed System where he can charge up his sword up to three levels and unleash a whole can of whoop ass on all the beasties. Expect to play this one in, finger crossed, in time for Christmas

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