I thought I’d make you guys aware of a new squad-based horror FPS coming out from Codemasters called Jericho. That’s if you haven’t got it on your radar already.

I guess Codemasters are a bit fed up of being remembered for Colin McRae, Brian Lara Cricket and other safe games like Treasure Island Dizzy and wanted to make a truly adult game full of gore. You know, something you’ll have to play wearing bicycle clips to avoid making a mess of your carpet.

This is Clive Barker’s Jericho to be precise and if you’ve ever seen his Hellraiser movie you’ll know he’s the king of disturbing imagery and creating scary characters form the depths of hell.

In this one you lead the Jericho squad, a seven-man strike force who are trained in Occult Warfare. You’re sent in to investigate a mysterious lost city that’s suddenly appeared in the Middle East and before long you’re surrounded by child-like ghosts who can attack through walls, ceilings and floors and other dastardly demons who look like they could do with some vitamins and a good night’s sleep.

Luckily, your task force have some special powers, including a sniper who can make her bullets go round corners thanks to her telekinetic powers, a heavy weapons expert who can kick serious butt and a geezer with a samurai sword as a secondary weapon how’s a bit nifty on his feet.

Form the sounds of it, it may play a bit like the fantastic PC and 360 game FEAR, but with less soldiers to fight and more scary bits where everything turns into a nightmare. Barker’s also asked Cris Valesco to write the score, so if you enjoyed the music on the God of War games you’re going to like this one too.

If you like the sound of it you can play it with the lights off, the sound turned down and some spare pants at the ready in time for Halloween.

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