Mario Power Tennis for Wii Release Date

In a shrewd move to upgrade casual games from Wii Sports Tennis and into the realm of the Mushroom Kingdom, Nintendo have decided to refit Mario Power Tennis from the GameCube with the Wii Sports Tennis Control scheme where you don’t control your characters but swing with the Wii Remote. Mario Power Tennis for Wii with New Play Control will also let hardcore gamers play using the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuck option in a very similar way to Sega Superstar Tennis for Wii.

With tons of characters, courts and mini games we’re sure that Nintendo will be printing more dollar bills with yet another virtual tennis game to keep the OAP’s in shape this year, luckily it’s such a good game even real gamers should have fun with it. The Mario Power Tennis Wii release date in North America is March 9th 2009 and the Mario Power Tennis for Wii release date in Europe is 6th March 2009.

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