Moto Racer DS Release Date

The fantastic Moto Racer series finally returns this Spring and interestingly enough, onto the Nintendo DS. The clever team at Artefacts have developed a top new control scheme dubbed ‘Stylus Precision Handling’ or SPH for short which gives full control of your motorcycle on your bottom DS screen whilst you watch the super fast and detailed graphics on the top screen. There are 4 exciting racing modes to choose from:

  • Grand Prix – Race at speed around tight bends and scrape your knees against the tarmac of the race circuit.
  • Traffic – Involves a more measured pace with skilled manoeuvres in order to dodge oncoming trucks in urban cityscapes.
  • Super Cross – Features indoor circuits with treacherous leaps requiring expert thrusts and controlled landing to master the course.
  • Freestyle – Riders have to brake carefully, managing their speed and thrust to pull off jaw-dropping tricks high in the air.

The multiplayer via local Wi-Fi connection for up to 8 people is sounding cool but sadly no online head to head play has been mentioned yet. Time trial lovers will be pleased to hear you can visit the Moto Racer DS official site and by simply inputting a special code given to you in game you’ll be able to view Worldwide Rankings to see how you compare with others. The Moto Racer DS release date is currently scheduled for April 2009.

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Moto Racer DS

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