PS4 release date and price

Sony have announced the PS4 and in case you didn’t see it or couldn’t be bothered to sit through 2 hours of waffle at midnight the other day, here’s a brief overview of what’s in store. Of course the machine has more RAM and is more powerful so things look nicer and perform better but it also comes with a DualShock 4 controller with better trigger buttons, a touch pad, and a light on it so the 3D camera accessory sitting on your TV can see where you’re moving it in 3D space.

The front end has been redesigned with realtime videos and you can share your gaming experiences, upload videos and even get a friend to help you through a game remotely if you’re stuck. They also showed off some next-gen games including Watch Dogs and a new Killzone title but didn’t reveal what the console actually looks like yet – probably because they don’t know themselves yet. It’s rumoured to cost around $450 at launch and should be with us at or just after Christmas. Better get saving then!

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