Wii Fit release date

So you’ve been stuck indoors all winter and want to know when will Wii Fit be released so you can get some soccer, hula hoop and snowboarding action. Well, April 25th is the highly anticipated UK Wii Fit release day when you’ll be able to pick up a balance board and get leaning. With the Wii Fit release date US side being almost 4 weeks behind Europe does Nintendo think us Brits need to get a head start with exercise? With around 40 activities the game promises to calculate your body mass index and track your ‘Wii Fitness Age’ – all integrated with your Mii of course.

Wii Fit sales figures broke the 1.1 million mark in Japan since the December 07 release date and it looks like being one of the hottest selling titles for the Wii this year. The average Wii Fit price UK wise is around £70 from most online retailers, but we can’t see the balance board fitting through many people’s letter boxes so you might want to pre order Nintendo Wii Fit at the shops instead.

We are also looking forward to the speculated Wii Fit Tony Hawk game which utilizes the controller, an onscreen alert saying “wii fit balance board weight limit reached” when your pie loving mate hops on – plus the predictable barrage of YouTube videos tagged with “wii fit“, “party“, “Grandma“, “drunk” and “call an ambulance” cropping up real soon.

Wii fit release date

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