Call of Juarez Bound in Blood review

Bound in Blood is a prequel to Call of Juarez and this time the wrong reverend introduces us to two brothers, Ray and Thomas McCall. The game begins with a stand-off between them over a woman and then flashes back to an adventure where they soon leave the Confederate Army and go on their own quest in Mexico whilst of course shooting everyone around them.

Think of the game as a bit like Call of Duty, in that it features a strong storyline and plenty of set pieces where the aim of the game is to shoot everyone shooting back at you. Of course being set during the civil war is a neat touch and there’s great rapport between the two brothers regardless of which one you choose to play as. One of them is a bit of a brute who can take more damage and despatch of enemies better at close range, the other is better at distance attacks and has a handy lasso for reaching higher ground.

As you kill enemies you also build up concentration points. When your meter is full you can then slow down time to target enemies all at once and unleash a flurry of gunfire. You only have a minute to do this though which works well as it means you don’t save it all up for later.

You’ll also face outlaws which you’ll have to duel. It’s a good idea but can sometimes be annoying when you only have one shot to either do or die. Another annoying aspect of the game is a pause of about 5 seconds every time a checkpoint’s reached while the game saves. Environments, light and particle effects look fantastic as do animations. It’s a shame the faces of friends and enemies aren’t quite up to scratch but the majority of the time, things look pretty convincing.

There’s also an expanded multiplayer game over the first one with added game modes and more player types to run and gun with. If you’re itching for more FPS action before Modern Warfare 2 comes out, this could just be the thing to keep you going. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood gets a very good 7 out of 10.

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