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I recently replayed Crysis 2 before playing Crysis 3 and I’m actually also playing through the original Crysis on the PC with everything turned up full. It actually still stands up today even though it’s 7 years old!

Crysis 3 lets you play as Prophet for the first time after he literally rose from the ashes at the end of Crysis 2. The game begins with his old squad mate Michael ‘Psycho’ Sykes breaking him out of his prison to get help with putting an end to the Cell Corporation enslaving humans after they can’t afford their energy, but it soon becomes apparent that the alien Ceph threat hasn’t quite gone and so Prophet sets about trying to prevent the end of the world as seen in a vision.

The first thing that hits you is how incredible the game looks. Not only is it rightly a looker on PC, it really does shine on consoles as well, especially on the Xbox 360. Without a doubt this is technically the best FPS game to date.

So what’s the gameplay like? Crysis 2 was a solid shooter and this third in the series focuses more on stealth. The Predator Bow you receive early on in the game lets you fire whilst cloaked and, although ammo is scarce, it’s uber-powerful and able to kill most enemies with one shot. It’s great fun to use and even has interchangeable arrow tips which deliver extra payloads of explosives and electricity. You start the game fighting Cell soldiers but soon face Ceph enemies including new strains such as the Scorcher which shows off some impressive flame effects and uses its head as a shield.

It’s pretty much a sandbox experience but it’s broken up into 7 areas for you to play in for each chapter. Most times you can assess the battlefield from above, tag enemies and then choose how to go about achieving your objective but oddly, at the end of most levels, the action just fades to black and then plops you into another scenario, completely ejecting you out of the experience. You can also upgrade weapons and make your Nanosuit more powerful with upgrade kits you can hack into littered about the play area.

The campaign is also very short. I finished it in just over 5 hours which came as a shock because Crysis 2 was much longer. However, Crysis 3 does have another trick up its sleeve and that’s a more refined multiplayer mode with tonnes of game modes including the sublime Hunter mode. It’s basically like being in the movie Predator where you’re either the hunter or the hunted. If you’re a Cell soldier being hunted down you just have to survive for 2 minutes. If you get killed you then join the Nanosuited hunters with all their cloaky, jumpy, runny powers and have to finish of those who were once your team mates with your Predator Bow. It really works well, really makes you paranoid if you’re the last survivor and is highly addictive!

The campaign will only keep you amused for a short while and doesn’t quite hit the mark but if you like playing with others, Crysis 3 will keep on giving online. It gets 8 out of 10.

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