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I like beat ‘em ups on handhelds. With a couple of exceptions I always feel I’m wasting my time playing them on consoles so having a quick fight on the move works well with me. So far Street Fighter 4 is my favourite game on the 3DS so what’s Dead or Alive Dimensions like? Well, the good news is it’s a solid fighter which is easy to pick up but with just enough nuances to make it more complex if you dig a little deeper.

Chronicles mode tells all the DOA stories so far and of course expect to see lots of 3D models of ladies jiggling about in the only way they can in these games. Graphics are bright and colourful and the action flows well. You can’t jump in DOA games but there are plenty of kick and punch combos which are all handily shown on the lower screen in context. You can even touch the screen if you want to perform the moves but it’s more satisfying to glance down and perform them manually. This really is a fantastic way to show the info and means you don’t have to pause the game to access a move list.

There’s also the standard arcade mode which plays through the fights in chapters (be warned, they do start off very easy but ramp up in difficulty as you go), online play and tag team play as well.

All in all it’s a great package that’s let down slightly by repetitive quips from the fighters and maybe too much story in between fights in chronicles mode. If you like your fighting to include buxom ladies not wearing many clothes then this is the game for you. It gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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