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I wasn’t hearing great things about Deadpool but after trying it out at a recent launch event I thought I’d give the game a go and come to my own conclusion. And I’m glad I did because although the combat is a little rough around the edges, this game is actually one of the funniest and most entertaining games I’ve played in a long while.

In this game the deranged, disfigured Wade Wilson in the ultimate onesie stars in his own video game thanks to High Moon Studios, Deadpool being a Marvel character who likes to break the fourth wall, it’s very self aware, so much in fact that Deadpool literally refers to the game’s script at times and regularly calls up the producers mid-game to complain if things aren’t going his way. Throughout the crazy journey you’ll also meet other favourites such as Wolverine, Rogue, Cable and more, each accompanied with a cool biography if you’re not too familiar with the comic book scene.

It’s this humour which borders on crassness at times that pulls the game through because without the witty dialogue and funny animations, this would be a very average affair. Combat sees you stringing together combos with heavy and light attacks with a variety of dual swords, hammers, katanas and pistols and you block incoming attacks with the B button. It’s similar to Arkham‘s combat system but in no way as refined – the camera also zooms in way too close at times which can result in enemies you’re trying to attack not being visible. Deadpool can also teleport a limited amount of times to escape danger and move about the environment.

I found Deadpool incredibly entertaining in that it apes video games in general. You’ll be having conversations with your split personalities, making silly decisions that in no way effect gameplay but are amusing nonetheless and you’ll even get to cross a toxic river using the boxed text full of your thoughts about how to cross it in the first place.

However, only you can decide if the eight hours of entertainment you get out of it is worth the price of entry. With no real collectibles or game+ mode to speak of, playing the campaign again will lack the appeal of a first playthrough when the jokes aren’t funny anymore. There are extra challenges to play through but once again, there’s no real feeling of reward for completing them.

I recommend a rental or an immediate trade in if you buy it but I guarantee, if you know what Deadpool’s about, you’ll have a hoot when you first play it. Deadpool gets a good 6 out of 10.

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