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FlingSmash comes in a pack with a snazzy WiiMotion Plus controller which is the same size as a normal remote but with the new technology in it which makes it more accurate. You’ll need it because the game doesn’t work with a standard controller. Basically it’s a block smashing game. The screen scrolls from right to left and you must whack a little round fella called Zip or Pip into the blocks collecting three tokens along the way in order to complete each level. The reason you’re doing this has something to do with an evil floaty thing and you being let out of your box to save a sacred palm tree.

The story’s not important really but what is important is controlling your little tennis ball that just so happens to have hair and a mouth. In the bottom corner of the screen is a representation of where your remote is in virtual space and it’s very accurate to your movements. The problem is that because you’re swinging the remote at different angles in mid-air to launch the Zip or Pip around the screen, it has to guess just where the point of contact is. This results in times where you have to get your character through a small gap and you keep hitting the walls around it. Luckily the game’s not really that tough so the worst that will happen is you’ll lose a life and just continue along your way.

To spice things up a bit there are also sections where you get stuck and have to launch thing at targets pinball style and you can collect power-ups that make you large, split you into two and destroy more blocks with fireworks. There are also levels where you’re turned into metal so you become heavy and use magnets to help you get about and get turned extra small which lets you use metal rails to zoom about the place.

You can play the whole game on your own or in co-op mode but I don’t recommend playing with a friend for once. Because Zip and Pip are yellow and orange they look incredibly similar and it’s easy to get confused in all the chaos. Out goes any kind of strategy and you just end up wildly waving your controller about until you get to the end of each level.

FlingSmash isn’t a great game but it isn’t also as bad as a lot of reviewers are claiming it to be. If you haven’t got a Motion Plus add-on yet and prefer a neater controller with the new gadgetry inside it may be worth paying a bit extra for this game that’s bundled with it. FlingSmash gets an average 5 out of 10.

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