God of War Chains of Olympus review

Because there is nothing coming out this week I’m reviewing God of War: Chains of Olympus. There are two good reasons for doing this. First of all I haven’t got round to playing it until now and secondly it’s a good game so listen up.

Once again you play the Greek badass Kratos as you explore new lands to save the world from eternal darkness. If you’ve played either of the other titles on the PS2 you’ll be right at home here and be able to jump into the action immediately. The game’s a mix of arena battles and puzzle solving but, unlike the Hellboy game I reviewed last week, the game remains constantly exciting by introducing new monsters with different attack patterns and plenty of puzzles to keep your grey-matter exercised as well.

Kratos begin s with simple attacks but as you collect red orbs by killing enemies and opening chests, you upgrade your attacks and get cool powerful combos and new items which not only help you fight but let you make it further into the game.

Combat is fluid and gruesome – it really is great fun ripping soldiers and monsters in half with your bare hands! Presentation is also fantastic with the game looking superb on such a small screen. Music, sound effects and voice-over also serve to make this a complete package for fans of third-person action adventures.

The game’s rated 18 which is fair enough thanks to all the blood and gore – but also there are moments which are embarrassing to play if someone looks over your shoulder on the bus. I am of course talking about the presence of boobs and scenes where you pleasure ladies in return for energy to help you power up. It’s a little bit cringy.

Chains of Olympus is full of variety – so much that you’ll never get bored as you play through it and you should enjoy every moment. It’s almost perfect so it gets an olympian-sized 9 out of 10.

God of War Chains of Olympus review

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