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I first saw Injustice at last year’s E3. Behind closed doors we were treated to a demo of Superman fighting The Flash and I liked what I saw. Developed by NeverRealm, the same dudes behind Mortal Kombat, the game looked promising and thankfully, it’s delivered now it’s available to play properly.

So the question is, what would happen if Superman decided to turn bad and take over the world? Well, thanks to a parallel world story this is a possibility in Injustice and turns the tables on who is good and bad, resulting in some genuinely unsettling moments when Superman is a proper…well, I can’t say the word here because it would have to be edited. The game also, through the superb story mode explains why mere mortals can actually fight Superman and gets over the whole ‘why would Batman be fighting Batman’ problem thanks to them crossing over worlds to meet and fight with each other anway.

If you’ve played the recent Mortal Kombat, expect a similar feel here. Punches, kicks and throws really connect and feel meaty and this is further enhanced by new environmental attacks which work in different ways depending on who you play as. For example, Solomon Grundy may pick up a car and throw it, whilst Batman may just jump off the bonnet or make it explode. These attacks mix things up and you can even smash people into other areas, resulting in a fun animation as you knock a massive chunk off their health. This can make things a little unbalanced as you’re basically performing the equivalent of a super attack with just a normal kick but if you’re fighting head to head, I guess you both have that advantage.

Story mode is engaging and makes sense, but there’s also a battle mode in there which is the mode you’d usually expect from a fighting game where you battle 12 enemies and then get a little outro, you then have the S.T.A.R. Lab which is similar to the challenge tower in MK where you must fight with certain criteria in mind and try to achieve 3 stars in each round for performing various tasks. It’s all extra fun to be had after you’ve completed the story and will help improve your rank and unlock extra goodies like costumes and backgrounds.

The game’s also as deep or shallow as you want it to be. Moves are relatively simple to pull off but mastering timings, combos, juggles and when to drain your power meter are things you’ll only do with practice. Believe me, I went online and got my ass handed to me on a Catwoman-shaped plate!

If you liked MK you’ll also love this, equally if you’re a fan of DC comics, there’s a lot of fan service here. Injustice: Gods Among Us gets 8 out of 10.

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