Jenga World Tour review

Right now it’s not a preview as such but a rant about a game Atari sent me this week. That game is Jenga World Tour on the DS and I think it takes the crown as the most pointless game ever made.

If you don’t know, Jenga is a game where you remove blocks from the middle of a wooden tower and put them on top, thus making it taller and more unstable as you go. The loser is the person who makes it topple. This is a game based on touch and gravity and unfortunately, despite the touch screen it just doesn’t work on the DS.

You can’t touch the bricks, and even more galling is if you want to play this with another person they need to have a cartridge themselves too for wireless play!! Imagine that in real life “Wanna come round for a game of Jenga? Oh, you need to buy it too and bring it round otherwise the bricks won’t work”.

Could this be a blatant attempt to sell 2 copies of the game instead of 1? Methinks so. What’s next for the DS, Twister? You should be ashamed Atari!!

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