Lego City Undercover The Chase Begins review

LEGO City Undercover – The Chase Begins is an interesting prospect because at first glance you may think it’s the same game as the Lego City Undercover Wii U version but it actually presents a slightly different version of the game with different missions. Think of it like a remixed version of the game instead.

In similar vein to the Wii U game, u get to explore the city as Officer Chase McCain in a sandbox environment where you’re led where to go with objective markers but are also free to roam and explore for yourself to find tonnes of secrets and extras.

Missions generally are a mix of platforming and combat. You’ll be climbing and clambering around environments and using different disguises to help you progress further. For example, dressed as a burglar you can use a crowbar to lever open doors, don a workman outfit and you can fix machines to grant access to new areas and as a spaceman you can even take advantage of a rocket pack. Combat feels a bit weak though. Punches don’t feel like they really connect and the slow motion throws and special moves only really seek to slow down the action.

You can jump in a number of vehicles too to get around the city and build new ones once you’ve opened special platforms by collecting enough super bricks.

3DS capabilities have also been employed, mostly they involve using the internal gyroscopes to scan areas or lock onto frequencies but these can be annoying to use if you’re in a moving vehicle as you can’t accurately progress occasionally! The touch screen is also put to good use as a map and info point.

The Chase Begins is like a simplified version of the Wii U game. If you have kids it’s perfectly suited to them but if you’re an adult looking to play through it, the humour isn’t quite enough to pull the game through what is in essence mostly a series of fetch quests. It gets 7 out of 10.

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