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LEGO Dimensions is the building block equivalent of very successful ventures already released in the form of Skylanders and Disney Infinity. The premise is simple but also fairly mental in this case – it’s a limitless game which sees all the characters from the LEGO universe come together in one game where Batman can end up in an adventure with Scooby Doo, Doctor Who and Doc from Back to the Future. Think of The LEGO Movie when they all come together from all the dimensions and you’ve got what this game is about. Sort of.

Traveller’s Tales are well-known for making the hugely enjoyable LEGO games and once again they’ve made a game that’s entertaining, extremely funny at times and a joy to play. It’s a mix of light combat, collecting and puzzle solving and you’ll need to use all the abilities of all the characters in order to complete the game 100%.

The story goes something like this – The Evil Lord Vortech (Gary Oldman) – comes up with a scheme to collapse many different Lego realities into a single realm so he can rule over them. To do this, he requires an element from each world – an item or artefact unique to that reality. He then gets his hands on Robin, Frodo and Captain Metalbeard through nefarious ways, which in turn attracts the attention of Batman (who’s a bit of a douchebag in LEGO world), Gandalf and Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie.

There is a snag with this of course, in that the characters you unlock in the game are transported there via the USB portal you place the action figures on. Once you build a vehicle or character and place it on the portal, it’s transported into the game and you can then play with it. You get three characters in the starter pack as well as a vehicle, but if you’re getting this for one of your children, you may be committing to collecting all the figures and spending hundreds of pounds over the near future. Other packs come as fun packs with characters and level packs which expand the game and feature the characters as well. Of course, if they’re into LEGO anyway and you regularly buy figures for them, it’s an extra way to play with the figures once you’ve physically built and played with them. For adults with spending power, at least you have the choice as to whether you want to collect ‘em all or just play some of the game and only get the characters you really like.

There’s no doubt that this is a very good LEGO game. It’s polished, has superb writing and is immense family fun. The toys of course are also physical fun but to expand the game, you must expand your toy collection which ultimately will make your wallet lighter. LEGO Dimensions gets 8 out of 10.

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