Metroid Prime 3 Corruption review

Time for my review of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Wii and I’m in quite a unique position here as I can’t compare this game to the previous games on the GameCube as I didn’t play them. In fact, the only experience I have with Metroid games is Metroid Fusion on the Gameboy Colour which I played to the end and Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS which took a little getting used to but once I got the hang of it that was soon completed too.

So, I live Metroid Prime games and was itching to try out the new control method available here, using the Nunchuck to move and the remote to look and aim. And, like the DS game, it takes a little getting used to but Nintendo have balanced the controls just right to make the game work – and work very well.

The story begins with Samus Aran in cryo-status when all of a sudden, unbeknown to anyone, something gets in with her. Think The Fly with Jeff Goldblum only without vomiting on donuts and breaking people’s wrists in arm wrestling competitions. You play through an opening level where your base gets attacked, then you’re onto a planet to get a cannon back online to destroy a meteor heading your way. It’s al normal Metroid stuff until Dark Samus rocks up and kicks yours and the other hunter’s asses in one fell swoop.

You then get a new Phazon suit which basically means you can become uber-powerful for 15 seconds but as a price. Use it too much and you can get corrupted – hence the name of the game, aaahhh clever!

People expecting a full on FPS will be confused here as it’s more of a 3d puzzle and platform game with combat thrown in for good measure. Combat is rarely too hard and you’re more likely to get stuck trying to figure out how to progress through a door or how to get a power-up you need to get further into the game. One cool addition is a grappling hook you can throw out with your nunchuck, then jerk back to rip doors off or pull things towards you. You can also use the remote like a giant key to put generators online or open big doors. It’s fun but can get a bit samey after a while.

Another neat touch is the extras system. As you scan items around you and defeat bosses you get tokens which you can use to buy xtras such as bobble-head Miis for your ship or the ability to take screen shots. You also get ones you can send to friends who can exchange them for use in the shop. It’s an incentive to play which pays off when someone returns the favour.

Looks-wise this doesn’t look much better than the previous GameCube titles but the gameplay’s tight and well balanced. If you like shooting stuff and you want to try it using the Wii remote, this is the best use of it yet.

9 out of 10.

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