Monster Madness Grave Danger review

Monster Madness first came out on the Xbox 360 a couple of years ago. To be brutally honest it wasn’t a great game but two years later Southpeak Interactive have tried again by releasing the same game on the PS3 with some gameplay tweaks, new modes and a new subheading of Grave Danger instead of Battle for Suburbia.

The game revolves around four teenagers. The main kid in the story is an uber-geek called Zack, there’s a goth called Carrie and their friends skater dude Andy and blonde bimbo Jennifer.

Whilst doing what teenagers do over at Zack’s house one night, there’s a knock on the door and Zack goes to answer it. Luckily it’s not anyone selling double glazing but a horde of zombies which have taken over the whole town. Phew, thank god for that!

It’s then up to you to control and of the four characters with up to three other players as you hit everything in sight with axes, swords and anything else in sight including tables, chairs, car tyres and beach balls. In fact, almost anything that isn’t nailed down can be picked up and hurled at the approaching undead.You can also fire ranged weapons by using the right analogue stick to fire independently of where you’re moving – something you’ll be familiar with if you ever played Smash TV back in the day.

Unfortunately the game’s still a bit of a disappointment which is a shame because the characters and the humour in the game are very funny. Between levels the story’s told through comic-book style cut-scenes and these are very entertaining. Unfortunately they’re more entertaining than controlling the characters in the game itself. Because the gameplay’s so simplistic and repetitive, it need to look fantastic to keep the interest up. Without those good looks the game falls very flat.

Despite the extra online modes, mini games and graphical tweaks of the PS3 version, I can’t help thinking I’d enjoy this game more if it was a cheap downloadable game available over the PS Network. It certainly feels like that’s where it belongs.

Monster Madness Grave Danger gets an average 5 out of 10.

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Monster Madness Grave Danger review

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