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Moving away from the party mini games of its predecessors, Rabbids Go Home takes the collect ‘em up ethos of the Katamari games and puts the silly Raving Rabbids twist on it as they try to collect as much stuff as they can from the human world to make a pile big enough so they can get to the moon. All they want is a good kip so they think the best way is to run about the place with a shopping trolley and literally scare the pants off the poor stick-thin humans.

This game is laugh out loud funny and I especially like the bit where you shake up a Rabbid stuck inside your Wii remote. You can rotate and turn it then shake it about to send him flying, and then even customise him by painting him and adding new clothes. Gok Wan would have a field day!

The main game sees you skidding about the place collecting stuff and using the Wii remote to aim and fire Rabbids to access other parts of the levels. A friend can also join in but they’re basically just limited to collecting stuff by pointing at it similar to a second player in Super Mario Galaxy. There are lots and lots of levels to play through and the game does make you laugh as little cut scenes play out as they find new items to put in their trolley. Even the reaction of the humans as you shout at them and make them semi-naked is sure to get a giggle.

My problem is that that’s all there really is to do in the game. The difficulty doesn’t change from the start and after the laughter dies down you do feel a bit like a street cleaner doing a job. It can literally feel like a chore as you pick up enough stuff to eventually get to that big round blob in the sky.

Kids will love it and it will provide some entertainment but if the Rabbids do star in another platform game, Ubisoft Montpelier had better make things a little more varied. Rabbids Go Home gets a good 6 out of 10.

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