Resident Evil 5 Lost in Nightmares review

I haven’t picked up Resident Evil 5 since I played it to death last year but finally a bit of DLC crawls out of the grave in the form of Lost in Nightmares. This short piece of DLC focuses on the part of the main story when Chris tells Sheva how he lost touch with Jill when she fell out of a window with Wesker and you begin the game by entering the now very familiar Spence mansion as you investigate.

This flashback chapter doesn’t even have you fight anything for the first ten minutes as you explore the mansion and find passwords and emblems so you can unlock doors and progress further into the game. There are a couple of nice exploratory moments where your characters split up and one where you have to get Jill out of a rather sticky situation.

As you progress further into the bowels of the house you also have to face a new tough enemy with a very large axe-type-mace-type thing that can easily kill you with one swipe. The atmosphere here is a lot slower and claustrophobic than the main game and you also spend a lot of the game with hardly any ammo or weapons which ups the tension levels even further.

If you play through as both characters you’ll probably get around 90 minutes of entertainment from it which is about right for such a cheap piece of DLC. You also get the bonus of Mercenaries Reunion which puts two new characters in the mix including the much-laughed at Barry Burton from the first game.

It is short and I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by the whole experience but if you’re hankering after some more Resident Evil 5 action with the fantastic RE5 control system then it’s definitely worth a bit of your pocket money. Lost in Nightmares gets a good 6 out of 10.

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