Super Street Fighter IV 3DS review

Super Street Fighter IV on the consoles is probably the best of the entire series and now it’s time for it to migrate to the 3DS and send everyone’s eyes wonky. As you’d expect it’s not in gorgeous HD but the graphics are fantastic and the 3D element works well without giving you too much motion sickness. They’ve even included the Dynamic Mode which looks at the 2D action from 45′ and really gives the game depth in 3D even though it’s a bit distracting for people used to fighting side-on.

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s pretty much the same as the console version. The game includes arcade mode where you choose a fighter, beat opponents up, then fight your rival and the final boss, Seth. The stories are pretty weak but it doesn’t really matter why they’re fighting, just that they are and it’s all great fun. There’s also versus mode if you just fancy a quick battle against the CPU, someone else in the same room or someone online. Match-ups are random if you choose a ranked internet match and it’s a mixed bag as to whether you get a quick, smooth connection or a jerky one depending on where your opponent is in the world.

During fights you use the usual low, medium and hard kicks and punches. The hard attacks can be tricky to execute at times because they’re on the shoulder buttons, but you can assign attacks and ultra and super combos to the touch screen which really changes the way people play online. Because even someone new to the game can pull off some quite tricky moves, the game becomes much more tactical which means a newbie can beat a pro if they time things right and have luck on their side.

There’s something very playable about Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS, probably because you can take it anywhere and the battles are over quickly – perfect for passing the time on short journeys or, if you’re a bit weird, funerals. I’d say it’s probably the best launch title by far on the 3DS and, with the addition of its figurine collecting mini-game and Streetpass battle functionality, even surpasses the console version so it gets an almost perfect 9 out of 10.

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