Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 review

It’s that time of year again when Tiger Woods returns with another game with a higher number than the year before (see our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 review for a look at last years). This is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 which stands for 2010 and there are some fundamental changes this time around.

The main thing I noticed about this new title is there’s no Tiger Challenge mode. This was the only real mode I played on the game and now it’s been replaced by the Tournament Challenge mode which sets you a number of tasks based on real life previous golfing events over all the courses. For me, it’s not as fun but those of you who play the Pro Season mode as their primary game mode won’t really care that much.

Online is much improved though. You can play simultaneously with other gamers as before, but now you can also enter tournaments and try to beat the course well under par in your own time. When the tournament closes, if you’re the best, you’re the winner.

When it comes to controls there’s still the real-time swing or the three-click modes to choose from and the real-time feedback displayed as you strike through the ball. The main difference is in putting. You now set your putting power and angle and then use a new meter which appears on screen to judge your shot and accuracy. It takes a bit of getting used to if you’re used to the old system but eventually you get the hang of it.

You can also turn on live weather which aims to reproduce what’s actually happening in the skies wherever you choose to play. It’s a little gimmicky but a nice addition nevertheless.

Unfortunately Hank Haney’s still in the game to train you in-between rounds to improve your stats. I didn’t like this last year and don’t like it this year either. The training rounds are dull but you have to play them if you want to seriously improve your golfer’s attributes.

If you’re really into playing Tiger Woods online then the new Tournament mode is probably worth getting the game for. Likewise get it if you’ve missed out on the last few and want a good golf sim. For me, there’s not enough in here to warrant the purchase so I’m going to give it 7 out of 10.

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