Transformers The Game review

So the Transformers movie is almost upon us and the film reviewers are basically saying the film looks great but the story’s a bit of a clichéd mess. Fair enough, I’m sure it’s a treat for the eyes anyway so I’m going to go and see it.

As for the game, that’s another story. Let me review it for you now and you can make up your mind on whether to play it or not. What you get with Transformers The Game is a slightly open-ended game world with a story to lpay through similar to Spider-Man, Hulk Ultimate Destruction or GTA. Unfortunately, the three games I’ve just mentioned actually play better.

You can play as the Decepticons or the Autobots as you drive from location to location, beat up a swarm of enemies, then do it all over again. Trouble is, it’s not actually that much fun. Sure the buildings and cars smash when you so much as blow on them but if you’re playing as an Autobot you get punished for it – where’s the fun in that? Also, what’s the point in having long range weapons when a lot of the bad guys put up shields which force you to go and hit them with some limited fisty-cuff combos that get old far too quickly.

There’s also a strange detached feeling to the game. Smashing thing up in Hulk felt like it vented some anger! Not here, It just all falls a bit flat. It’s actually more fun to play the Decepticon missions as you’re supposed to smash stuff up and they have all the cooler cars. They’re faster and you can fly and even burrow underground to pop up and destroy military vehicles from underneath.

Transformers isn’t a terrible game, it’s just that it’s not as good as the one Atari released about four years ago, and strangely enough, I actually enjoyed playing the DS version of the game a lot more despite its camera and targeting issues.

If you’re a real Transformers freak then you may still want to play this. If however you were expecting Saints Row or GTA with robots instead of gangsters, think again. Transformers the game gets a disappointing 6 out of 10.

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