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When I was first sent this game I thought Capcom had made a mistake and sent me the Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds game I’d reviewed months ago. Then I realised the word ‘ultimate’ at the beginning of the game and realised it’s almost the same game but might be worthy of your pennies if you’re a serious and want some more modes to play with. So what’s the story? Well, the good guys and bad guys from both universes decide to have a bit of a barney and then for good measure along comes Galactus with his silly helmet and decides he wants to eat the Earth as well. In single player arcade mode you fight through various enemies depending on who you choose and then fight Galactus to stop him having a snack on San Francisco or feasting on France. You can also play the game online or offline in versus mode and play through training stages to get used to your moves. If you’ve ever played Street Fighter you’ll know the deal – there are light, medium and heavy attacks and moves are activated by either charging them or rolling your thumb on the d-pad and pressing attack.

You play in teams of three so can also call them in to help you out or swap mid-battle to someone who may tactically work better against your opponent. The graphics look like something straight out of a comic book and the action is absolutely nuts when you call in a gun-toting raccoon and a guy with a flaming skull to help you out. As well as Rocket Raccoon and Ghost Rider there are tonnes of characters to choose from. The chances are your favourite will be in there, including Frank West from Dead Rising, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Chun-Li.

A new addition via a free update is Heroes and Heralds mode which lets you choose a side and fight for territory online over the period of a week. Be on the winning side and you get cool new unlocks to add to your arsenal in the form of cards which give you perks and bonuses during the fight. You collect them as you go and can stack them into groups of three to take with you before the fight. It’s a great new addition which dangles a carrot in front of you and keeps you playing. You can even play the game offline and play against the CPU if you wish, unlocking new territories and special cards as you go.

There’s certainly a lot to keep you playing in this latest fighter and the presentation is as arcade as you’d expect. My only issue is that if you bought the last game subtitled Fate of Two Worlds you may find it a little too similar. If, however, you don’t own that game and fancy a bit of crazy fighting action then this is definitely the game for you. It gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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