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Alan Wake new release date

Good news if you can’t wait to play Alan Wake, it’s been pushed forward in Europe. It’s now going to arrive on 14th May instead of the 21st. The game has been in development for 5 years so it looks like the development team have earned a well-deserved week long holiday. Related: Alan Wake release date

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Alan Wake release date

It’s been announced that Alan Wake will arrive in May 2010 and developers Remedy have admitted they still don’t know how it’s going to end. They want the story to be bigger than just what we see in the game so it could end on some sort of cliff hanger. Let’s just hope they don’t keep us hanging on like all us poor fans of the TV series Lost. Related: Alan Wake downloadable content announced, Siren Blood Curse review

Alan Wake

Alan Wake downloadable content announced

If you’re looking forward to psychological thriller game Alan Wake then you’ll be pleased to know DLC is already planned for it. The story will continue in ‘episodes’ much like a TV series. Let’s hope they all arrive then unlike the mysterious Episode 3 of Half-Life 2. Related: Alan Wake preview, Heavy Rain release date