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Alien Breed Impact

Alien Breed Impact review

Alien Breed: Evolution Episode One did not exactly set Xbox Live Arcade alight when it was released last year, but it did set a lot of aliens alight and that pleased some people at least. It was an enjoyable take on a classic game, but it had nowhere near enough publicity and a few too many flaws. Luckily, fans of the game were keen to let Team 17 know what they felt had gone wrong, and like all good developers, Team 17 listened. When the gong rang, summoning Alien Breed to PlayStation Network and Steam, they were ready. Alien Breed...

Alien Breed Evolution Episode One

Alien Breed Evolution Episode One review

The Alien Breed franchise was a runaway success back in the days of Amiga’s and Atari’s, so of course it was destined to be revived in the age of digital downloads. Following on from the glorious revival of their Worms franchise on Xbox Live Arcade, Team 17 have dug through their archives, pulled out the dusty old folder labelled ‘Dark and Gritty Top-Down Shooters from the Nineties’, grinned a wide grin and declared to themselves: “This shall be awesome… again!“. And so, Alien Breed Evolution was born. Episode One is the first of three episodes in this fancy new reboot...