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Alone in the Dark review

After hearing about the new PS3 redesign of this summer’s blockbuster game Alone in the Dark we thought we should take a look at the Wii version, which you can now grab for as little as $15. The original Alone in the Dark PC game was released way back in 1992, and soon built up a cult following as well as a number of sequels. Along with adventure game Myst and first person shooter Doom, Alone in the Dark was generally considered to be one of the first games to really show that PC’s were viable gaming platforms and not...

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Alone in the Dark review

I have fond memories of the original Alone in the Dark on the PC where the game began with a polygonal Edward Carnby being chased from the attic by a rectangular blue wolf thing jumping through the window. Things have changed a lot since then and Atari are now able to deliver scares and action with Hollywood-style effects and they do this on the next-gen consoles to great effect. You begin the game in first-person mode waking up with a groggy head with some geezers discussing all manner of dark things. Next thing you know there are cracks in the...

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Alone in the Dark preorder goodies

If you preorder the PC download version of Alone in the Dark through the Atari Store you’ll be given some extra bonus treats as a reward: 2 Tracks from the official Alone in the Dark soundtrack: ‘Prelude to an end’ & ‘Shto Li’. 2 Movie clips from the exclusive behind the scenes documentary. Not only that but you’ll get your activation code via email at 00:01 and be playing the game before everyone else (well, the people buying it in the shops anyway). Order now and you should just have time to get some new underwear before the Alone in...

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Alone in the Dark features

The new Alone in the Dark game is going to let you skip chapters you may think are too tough or challenging. Using a DVD menu system you can skip all you want to get to the end credits but may pay for this with less achievements. What a strange thing to do.

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Alone in the Dark

If you were looking forward to the frights of the new Alone in the Dark game but upset because you didn’t have an HD console, fear not – it’s coming to the PS2 and Wii now too. The game will follow the same story set during a spooky night in New York. Woooooooo!