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Animal Crossing City Folk

Animal Crossing City Folk review

Yes this review comes a few months after release but considering Animal Crossing for Wii is another evergreen title from Nintendo; who’s to say that it’s too late to review Animal Crossing City Folk for Wii? Depending on how you look at it there have been three or four main games in the Animal Crossing series. This time on Wii Animal Crossing is a hybrid between the games seen previously on the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS with a fair bit of new content thrown in for good measure. Life simulation games aren’t new and come in many different styles...

Animal Crossing Wii City Folk screenshot

Animal Crossing Wii City Folk

Animal Crossing Wii City Folk controversially appears to be Nintendo’s big Christmas title, looking similar but more detailed to the to the Gamecube version, this time you don’t just having your own small town to walk around, now you can now travel to nearby cities and do stuff there too, such as bid on items in the auction house, sell items to raise cash or even visit a beauty salon and get plastic surgery to look like your Mii (not sure what message that sends to kids, but still). Like the DS version Animal Crossing Wii is now online enabled...