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Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox 64 3D review

It’s been 14 years since the original Starfox 64 or Lylat Wars as some know it came to the N64. Back then I didn’t actually own Nintendo’s system so never played it the first time around. I’ve always heard great things about it though so was intrigued to play this version on the 3DS with a bit of spit and polish and updated optional controls that make use of the 3DS’s gyroscope. If you, like me, have never played the game, let me enlighten you on the story. The evil simian scientist Andross is planning to take over the nearby...

Tom Clancys HAWX

Tom Clancys HAWX review

Tom Clancy games have seen us doing a number of different things over the years. We’ve sneaked around as Sam Fisher, infiltrated urban environments in the Middle East in Ghost Recon and had shoot-outs in casinos in Rainbow Six Vegas. HAWX takes the franchise into the skies as you pull some serious Gs for a company called Artemis in 2014. Of course, during the game it turns out Artemis have greedy plans of their own so you and some of your wingmen turn the tables on them and end up fighting the company that used to pay you big bucks....

Tom Clancys HAWX screenshot

Tom Clancys Air Combat

Tom Clancy’s getting a bit fancy with a new game which takes the action off the ground and into the skies. Tom Clancy’s Air Combat is Ubisoft’s latest announcement and will no doubt have some political shenanigans behind all that dog fighting.