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Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 review

Bayonettas back and this time, only on the Wii U which is why, as you can see here, she also comes with a number of outfits and accessories that come straight out of Nintendo’s weird and wonderful world. Once again Platinum Games have provided an experience that not only gives your fingers and thumbs a good pummelling as you attack both angels and demons that materialise to stop you but also seeks to entertain and titillate via the usual surreal Japanese mechanics of nudity and Sega’s arcade-style graphics and presentation. This time the action takes place around Christmas as Bayonetta...

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Review of Bayonetta

Matt Cuttle has already reviewed Bayonetta giving it a glowing review and score of 9 out of 10. Because Sega also kindly supplied me with a review sample I thought I should post my thoughts as well, especially as they don’t quite merge with those of Matt’s. So here for you is my review of Bayonetta for Xbox 360. Probably just like you my first encounter with Bayonetta was when Sega first started to release promotional pictures of their new gaming heroine. I can’t say I was particularly thrilled; not because I thought Bayonetta was unattractive or anything, but rather...

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Bayonetta sequel

If you enjoyed Bayonetta as much as I did, you’ll be pleased to know a spin-off is definitely on the cards. Hideki Kayima from Platinum Games definitely wants to do another game but not necessarily a straight sequel. Maybe Rodin or Jeanne will get a run-out instead? Only time will tell. Buy Bayonetta now New: Buy Bayonetta from Amazon.com Related: Bayonetta review


Bayonetta review

Before I get into the review proper, let me just say that if you like Devil May Cry, mad Japanese stuff and women in backless catsuits, you’re going to love Bayonetta. That is to say it’s more hardcore than Devil May Cry, it’s full of crazy Japanese-style imagery juxtaposed with some rather odd but perfect music choices and Bayonetta’s outfit even comes off when she does her magic. Bayonetta’s an Umbra Witch who’s just woken up after a 500 year kip and every day she must hunt and kill what appear to be angelic demons in order to prevent being...