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Boom Blox Bash Party review

Last year’s Boom Blox was a surprise hit and one of the best games yet for the WIi developed by a third party. Well, Spielberg and EA are back with the sequel and it’s more of the same only with some improvements which make it a much better game than before. The game revolves around you knocking blocks over to achieve whatever goal objective is being given to you at the time. Each level is a one-off puzzle which you must complete in order to move to the next stage. You throw bombs, baseballs, pull on blocks, sling them into...

Boom Blox

Boom Blox review

So what does Steven Spielberg do in his spare time when he’s not making new Indiana Jones movies? Well, the answer seems to lie here in the form of Boom Blox. It’s a sort of puzzle-come-party game for the Wii which involves mostly throwing balls and bombs at towers of blocks in order to knock them over. This would probably work well with no story behind it but as Mr Spielberg has got involved there are also a few stories to play through involving sheep, monkeys and chickens. Throwing balls at the blocks is easy. You aim where you want...