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Borderlands Vault Hunter

Borderlands Vault Hunter Giveaway

Fancy yourself as a real life Vault Hunter? Well, Borderlands fans, now you can prove your worth by visiting GAME stores. On March 27th, to celebrate the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, four GAME stores nationwide will house custom-built loot lockers containing the much sought after Claptrap robot, plus other exceptionally rare Borderlands loot. The first 20 avid fans to visit one of the four stores with proof of their Borderlands: The Handsome Collection pre-order will be allowed to pick from one of 20 special golden keys, only one of which will unlock the chest and reveal the loot....

Borderlands 2 picture

Bungee for Borderlands

Fancy a free bungee jump? Well if you’re out and about in Brick Lane, London on 23rd September you can have a go if you get there early. To celebrate Borderlands 2 2K Games are letting people test their mettle by trying to dislodge their eyeballs by jumping off a crane at the Old Truman brewery. The event starts at 10am and you could win a free copy of the game! Just don’t kill yourself before you get a chance to play it. Buy Borderlands 2 now New: Buy Borderlands 2 from Amazon.com

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 review

The original Borderlands passed me by so I’m coming at this review with a totally fresh perspective on the game. As you’re probably aware it’s something between an FPS and anĀ RPG and its major hook is 4 player co-op. think of it a bit like a cel-shaded Fallout 3 with a silly sense of humour and you’ll be somewhere there. I’m told this sequel picks up pretty much where the last game ended. You play as one of four new Vault Hunters who have entered the Borderlands of Pandora and straight away you’re all blown to smithereens by Handsome Jack,...