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Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition

Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition review

A few months ago I reviewed Junior Brain Trainer 2 on DS and awarded the game a healthy 7 out of 10. I found the game a little low on visual panache but delivered on its promise to deliver basic learning skills aimed at younger kids. The next game in the series is Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition and I dare say that almost all children could do with a little bit of extra maths tuition in their lives. Yes of course we could all spend extra time with our kids doing maths puzzles at home for free using old...

Junior Brain Trainer 2

Junior Brain Trainer 2 review

The Dr Kawashima Brain Training series has been one of the Nintendo DS’ most famous success stories. Not only has the series sold millions of copies but it is said to be the main reason for the success of Nintendo’s blue ocean strategy. Of course this success saw literally gazillions of clones; everywhere you looked games that supposedly can train your brain, eyes and even your untrained psychic powers appeared on the shop shelves. There have been many discussions asking how viable or useful Brain Training software is. On one hand you’ll have some Professor who happens to be on...