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Bulletstorm review

There’s been a massive online presence in the run up to Bulletstorm’s launch and it’s all around the ‘kill with skill’ mechanic that supposedly changes the way you play a first-person shooter. Well, after playing it and completing it I’m happy to say that it is a very different FPS experience compared with say Killzone 3 which has you hiding behind cover for fear that if you step into gunfire you’ll instantly die. You play as drunken space pirate Grayson Hunt who, along with his cyborg mate Ishi crash lands on a planet full of other miscreants and mutants. This...


Bulletstorm release date

Hot off the press is the release date for combo-busting FPS Bulletstorm. The game will be released on 25th February 2011 and lets you kill with skill as you kneecap your enemies, kick them in the face and then even throw them into interactive scenery such as man-eating plants! It’s going to be bloody but also a bloody good laugh too! Preorder Bulletstorm now New: Buy Bulletstorm from Amazon.com Related: Prototype review, Lost Planet 2