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Screenshot of Damnation

Damnation review

Look at the box or the screenshots for Damnation and it appears pretty cool. It looks like a sort of steampunk Western complete with alternative technology and weapons that should mix things up a bit. Unfortunately when you play it, it’s plain to see it’s borrowed a few aspects from other games and, unlike, say, Uncharted, doesn’t implement it into the gameplay particularly well at any point. You play as a guy called Rourke who’s looking for his fiancée. Of course, there’s a bigger picture here and you’re also part of a team who’s trying to stop a military contractor...

Damnation screenshot

Damnation screenshots

Codemasters have released some new screenshots of their secretive new first person shooter; Damnation. What is different about this FPS is that instead of the landscape featuring mainly flat maps with perhaps a couple of staircases, this game uses the vertical perspective to the extreme. Not only do the locations stretch out miles ahead and behind you, but above and below you. Combine this with huge gunfights and the ability to perform ultra daredevil stunts on foot as well as in motor vehicles and you’ve got yourself a compelling sounding single player game and a terrific sounding multiplayer one. The...