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Dance Central screenshot

Kinect Dance Central extra songs

The Xbox Dance Central song list has just grown a little larger. The dancing game that uses Kinect to track your movement as your dance now has Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice, Keri Hilson’s Turnin’ Me On, Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl and Paula Abdul’s Straight Up to dance about to. Each Dance Central song will set you back 240 Microsoft Points. If you don’t own Dance Central you can buy the dance game including 240 free Microsoft points for less than the price of the standalone game from Amazon.com. Buy Dance Central now New: Buy Dance Central from Amazon.com Related:...

Dance Central

Dance Central release date

Nothing before Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution made the idea of dancing in front of your TV a trendy thing to do. Thirteen years later Dance Central from the creators of Rock Band appears to be a key Microsoft Kinect title, looking to be great game for casual players with little or no dancing experience up all the way to real dance fans. So far this looks to use the Microsoft Kinect very well and shows good promise. The Dance Central release date is November 4th 2010. Buy Dance Central now New: Buy Dance Central from Amazon.com Related: Rock Band, Cheap...